Complete Injection Plastic Molding

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Production Process Overview

Production process - The slide show below is a sample of our daily production.

1) Concept

Bring in your drawings, by hand on a napkin or whatever you’re got. Our experience enables you to plan for every detail necessary in the next step of the design process for your product.

2) CAD modeling & analysis

With a rough idea of your product, our designers are skilled in realizing the end-product you have in mind. When your design is constructed via CAD, we can analyze your design efficiency through select CFD/FEA programs.

4) Mold craftsmanship & production run
The mold base is tooled from a solid block of aluminum or steel depending on the application. The mold is then mounted into the machine and ready for production as shown below.

3) Rapid Prototype

Production runs are better realized with a prototype of the finished product before building a mold. A step beyond CFD analysis, this allows a tangible item to be handled and tested.

-  Examples from a variety of projects