Complete Injection Plastic Molding

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Our plastic injection molding products in the Silicon Valley, CA

Materials specification

Our experience offers a thorough knowledge of base materials from recycled pellets as shown above left to exotic ceramic and metal/plastic composites. Colorants above right.

Mold base & tooling

Mold base tooling at our facility allows for complete control & QA. Our facility offers you the ability to participate in the tooling process as well as the production process.

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Plastic Injection Molding for Silicon Valley, CA

Plastic Injection Molding is what we do at DMI-Versamold llc.

We Build Plastic Molds in our facility in Watsonville Ca. Both Steel and Aluminum molds. All of our Mold and Tooling Repair is done on site.

We can do Second Operations such as Parts Trimming, Parts Machining and Hand Work. We can help you with Part Design and Prototypes.

Our molding capacity is Five Molding Machines, 55-220 Ton Presses and 6-20 ounce Shot Size.

We do Parts Decorating such as Hot Stamping and we are capable of Ultra Sonic Welding and Light assembly work with product packaging if need be.

We also do Sinker EDM, Wire EDM and EDM Hole Popping.

DMI-Versamold llc is a Plastics Manufacturing Service and we work with any size business from large companies to the Inventor and Private Entrepreneurs.

For more information Contact Michael Messina.

View this video about the injection molding process that was produced by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Hot-stamping, light assembly & packaging

Various finishes as hot stamping and labeing as well as light assembly & packaging for your product is also offered with shipping available for complete turnkey service.

Stress testing

To assure the durability of your product, we have a host of solutions available for vibratory, tensile & cyclic testing. This process often uses a rapid prototye or initiated with a sample run of your finished product.